Free pattern Friday: Spring Lace Infinity Scarf

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Ugh…need to knit and crochet faster!!! I really love these free patterns, I need more hours in the day!!!

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The Spring Lace Infinity Scarf by Linda Thach is a stunning piece perfect for transitional spring days and even summer wear.  Knit with 2.5 skeins of Shibui Linen (20 colours currently in stock) this scarf is light and breathable and so pretty.  The edges are comprised of a lovely leafy lace design (3″ on each side) and the body is knitted using a combination of stockinette stitch and stockinette elongated stitch for added interest. Definitely one to add to your queue!

- Melissa

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One At A Time

Its been painful, but I put all my WIPs away in favor of completing one item. Ugh, I hate not being able to flit between three or four projects at once. But this is an order I need to send out soon. It’s a 4′x6′ baby blanket in pastels, and if you’ve been following me on Instagram (@crochetbaychs), you’ve seen a few shots of its progression. If not, here they are again:




At the last measurement, during Game of Thrones last night, the blanket was 23″ long, so it’s about a third of the way done!

Here’s a shot of my workspace with my other poor, neglected WIPs…

The bright one will be a dish towel for my kitchen. Then there’s an orange, green, and gray granny square afghan that been slowly growing. And lastly my new knitting project, a cowl in Knit Picks Chroma (color: Supernova). I’m relearning how to knit in order to expand my options!

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In It to Knit It

I dusted off some of my old knitting needles (and splurged on a few at the store, of course!) recently. With a little help from one of Stephanie’s videos on the Craftsy site, I’ve begun to break them in!

This is a seed stitch swatch, my first attempt as you can tell!

I started this later that night…the yarn is Knit Picks in Chroma, color: Supernova.

I wish I could knit faster so I could rock this cowl!!

Thanks for reading!!!

A new FREE pattern from Espace Tricot + Sylph yarn now in stock!

Girl on a Hook:

I am in LOVE with this!!! Need to dust off my knitting needles!

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Both elegant and minimalist, our Aisé wrap is the perfect warm weather accessory.  It can be worn formally or casually depending on the occasion (think little black dress or jeans) and the lace weight blend of linen (42%) and cashmere (58%) makes it ideal for use in air conditioned offices and on spring days and cool summer evenings. Knit with Sylph yarn from Jade Sapphire the fabric of this piece is soft and light with a slight texture.  See yarn details below!

Pattern available in both English and French.

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Sylphfrom Jade Sapphire

sylphSylph is a perfect choice for wraps, scarves, and light weight garments!

58% Cashmere / 42% Linen
309 yards / 50 g
6 – 8 stitches/inch on 2.25 – 4.0 mm / US 1 – 6 needles
Machine or hand wash, gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.

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Yarn and Little Dresses

Soooo…I’ve been going a little overboard with the yarn dyeing, it’s just so much fun!! Here’s a photo update:






And here’s my newest, ready to wash and hank up:


In between dipping my hands in Kool-Aid and squeezing drops from tiny food coloring bottles, I finished up two WIPs, both little sweetheart dresses.




Both were inspired by the warming weather here in Charleston! A lovely watermelon dress with a matching diaper cover, and a bright citrus dress, also known as the University of Tennessee Volunteers Dress in honor of my alma mater! 😊

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Rainbow Bright

Day two of the magical coloring era…rainbows.

Using the same method as yesterday, here’s a pictorial map of my afternoon:



Adding the food coloring to my water and vinegar mixture.

Testing the color



Carefully preparing my yarn, which soaked overnight in water and vinegar. I wrapped it into three loops, one for each jar.




The yarn is immersed in the dye. I carefully lifted the still-white in between pieces of yarn and dipped it into each adjacent jar, in order to get the orange, green, and purple.

Into the microwave!

While the yarn microwaved, I used the time to wind another hank of my Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool for future use.



When the water in the jars cleared (the red was still pinkish, buy, oh well!), I let them sit in the open microwave for about 30 minutes, the carefully removed them (the jars will still be hot!!!). I rinsed the yarn in warm water and hung it to dry.
I was not 100% satisfied…I originally wanted the orange, green, and purple to be more prominent. But it’s still lovely!
When it dries I’ll wash it in mild detergent and fabric softener.

In the meantime…I’m doing this before work:


Hopefully I’ll get the rainbow effect I’m looking for!!


Dyeing to Try This!!

I’ve been on a small hand-dyeing kick the last few days…kool-aid and food coloring have covered the kitchen (and my fingertips). The initial dabbles turned out pretty good! In my haste I tried a whole hank first, instead of getting used to the dye ratios on smaller bits…I have no patience when I’m excited.

I worked with Kool-Aid first and produced this:

It’s pretty, but the color isn’t consistent throughout. I’ll need to work on that technique.

My try at using food coloring has turned out much better! Here’s what I did…

First off I prepared the dyeing containers, just some Mason jars, and wound some wool about 10 times around my elbow to my hand. These smaller hanks can be saved with the instructions for future reference.
The yarn was then soaked in a bowl filled with 4 parts water to one part white vinegar for about 30 minutes (or longer).

I filled each jar with one cup of warm water (the amount of water does not matter, it’s merely a conduit for the dye), and then added the food coloring.
Blue: 6 drops
Yellow: 6 drops
Green: 6 drops
Red: 10 drops ( though I’m in the process of dyeing one in 20 drops to make a deeper red)
Then I added the vinegar-soaked yarn to the dye jar.

After microwaving on high for 5-7 minutes, or long enough for the water to clear, I took them out and let them cool.

Here’s a picture of my first four jars cooling. Try not to move them to much once they are done microwaving.

And here’s my first rainbow of hand-dyed yarn!!

I found some great help here and here!

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